About us

Nigerian based Agricultural Consultancy Company. We represent a Spanish farming family established 200 years ego with vast experience and intensive research experiments in the manufacture and supply of high-quality Agricultural equipment and Farming processes We are working with the Chief Executive officer of the Spanish farm family who is a well-educated Agronomist Engineer with over 50 years of hands-on farming experience in We represent  Companies which specializes in providing wide range of agricultural products, including Farm Tractors and contemporary Agricultural equipment’s and seeding for organic Farming The Companies also manufactures and sale Agricultural Engineering equipment, and training on how to use the equipment as well as repairs and maintenance of farming equipment purchased from them They also manufactures and sale high quality organic fertilizers and other chemicals for effective mechanized farming, crop preservation and distribution processes. In Europe Spanish agriculture is the most respected for high quality and well researched Agro engineering, hence the general saying that Spain feeds Europe. It is the combination of the Spanish Finest expertise in Agricultural systems and good reputation in organic farming across Europe and around the world that inspired us to engage with this reputable long established Agricultural family to bring their Agricultural know-how into Nigeria to help modernize Nigerian agriculture processes, and bring them up to European and world standards. And in the process introduce Nigerian agriculture into the main-stream of world agricultural produce market, as a veritable alternative source of foreign revenue for individual-Nigerian farmers and Governments alike. The areas of Activities we intend to assist Nigerian Farming with includes, Business Agriculture, which aims to bring Nigerian Agriculture to high standards comparable to Europe and Asia and ensure that Nigerian farm produce are exported to Europe and elsewhere in the world to bring them into the position where they can earn foreign Exchange currencies for a sustainable bottom line for Local Farmers. We will also provide Rural Agricultural infrastructure for Viable Agricultural management, this includes Engineering Consulting, Training, and Construction of Green houses, Water boreholes and Irrigation of farms to ensure all year-round farm produce for the consumer market at home and abroad.